Mr. Bazer's Choice Board: Week of March 30th-April 3rd

Please choose at least one activity from the following subjects to complete per day. These are not meant to be stressful, but an opportunity for students to have learning experiences while we prepare for CSCA's online learning plan. This is also not required, but highly encouraged. :)

Social Studies

Citizenship: Cast Your Vote

Go to

Select the Cast Your Vote game

Play the game and answer the following questions: What is important to know when you vote? How should you decide how social media and/or the news should influence your thinking? How will you be a Voting Superstar? Design your own voter information campaign using posters, e-mails, social media, video clips.


Virtual Museum Tour:

Take a virtual tour of the University of Pennsylvania Museum, or another museum. Which gallery did you find most interesting? What questions would you ask any of the exhibits if they could come to life for you? Why? Record your thinking and express your curiosity by writing a play of the conversation you would have with the exhibit. If you would like, bring your play to the next-level by creating a video.




Research an astronomy-related topic of your choice and make a poster showing the information that you found. Ideas could include exoplanets, extra-terrestrial life, black holes, dark matter, life on the International Space Station, etc.


Go to and research one of the missions listed. Write a brief summary of the mission. Draw and label diagrams of the spacecraft, rover, etc. associated with the mission.



Go to to either sign into your existing account or to register as a new player. Record your thinking, solution, and answer for each problem on paper to submit with your Distance Learning Log.


Utilize free resources at Khan Academy to do 6th grade math activities.



Please continue to read on your own daily, preferably at least 30 minutes. You can still take AR tests at home! Mrs. Larson has provided helpful links for AR and free reading resources. Check out her library page under “Student Life” on our CSCA website. :)


Visit these cool sites!    This is a website where celebrities read stories to you! I know it won't be as fun as me reading Serafina, but it works. ;)

For reading comprehension passages, questions, and vocabulary, go to

Free books! Https://

Journal every day about your thoughts, feelings or what is happening.





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