Ms. Volanti - Middle School Math

Hello My Name Is...
Diana Volanti

This is my first year at CSCA and my 19th year teaching at the Middle School or High School level.
I just recently moved here with my husband in the beginning of June from Phoenix, Arizona. Throughout my teaching career I have taught in the Middle School and High School setting either as a Classroom Math Teacher, an RTI Math Interventionist, Senior Credit Recovery Math Teacher and the State Assessment Math tutoring High school campus liaison.
I have been involved in all aspects of curriculum and development at the District level as a Math Teacher throughout my career and have served as an Advisory Member for three years on the Technical Review Board for The State of Arizona Charter School Board reviewing and approving Middle School Math curriculum for Charter School applications.
At my previous district, Maricopa Unified School District #20, I have served as a volunteer member on several district committees each of the eight years I was employed there and was the district teacher board representative for three years on The Native American Parent Advisory Committee. 
I have a passion for teaching Math and enjoy sharing that with every student I teach each year. I truly enjoy teaching Middle School students and have been a club Advisor at the Middle School level for Student Council, NJHS, and Middle School club activities. 
I am excited to be working at Colorado Springs Charter Academy this year and look forward to a successful year with my 7th and 8th grade Math students.