Updated Math Information 3-30-20
March 30, 2020
Hello CSCA Families!
I hope all is well with everyone, that the social isolation is not too daunting and your spring break was relaxing.
As we are making the transition to online eLearning, this week's student work is on a grade level Choice Board. 
Students are to complete one activity per day per subject. If your student has questions please have them email me at dvolanti@cscharter.org
Also please download ZOOM and create an account that your student can use. This will allow me to communicate virtually with students so they can access video lessons, ask questions and learn math content.
In my Math classes there are a few different procedures when doing work in an online class.
One of them is any student work turned in must show all the steps to solve the problem.  Any work turned in that does not fall into this criteria will not be given credit. 
I have provided answer keys so students can self monitor their success and correct misconceptions/mistakes. 
It is my job to teach my students how to set up problems correctly so they can reach mastery of the concept being addressed. This way they can successfully use what was mastered in real world math. The end goal is to set up the steps to the problem using math properties and rules to get the correct answer.

I have attached the links to access the 7th and 8th grade Choice Boards. There is a word and pdf file version of each.
Please Stay Healthy!!!
Diana Volanti

Volanti Middle School Activity Board 7th.docx
Volanti Middle School Activity Board 7th.pdf
Volanti Middle School Activity Board 8th.docx
Volanti Middle School Activity Board 8th.pdf

March 16, 2020
Hello CSCA Families,
I hope all is well with everyone's families.
I have enrolled  all 7.1, 7.2, 8.1, and 8.2 Math students  into two online Math programs. These programs will allow students to work on their grade level math standards and work on any math concepts that they need to improve.
IXL Math: The Math content in this program has been assigned to the students by me directly. The math content assigned is aligned to my lesson plans.
Prodigy Math: The Math content in this program will be decided by the score of the diagnostic assessment test that is taken when first accessing the math program.
Each individual student will have work that is based on their individual math ability level. 
Please email me at dvolanti@cscharter.org to obtain each of the online Math program links along with your student's username and password.