Homework for February 10th-14th

 This page is for homework for Ms. White's Homeroom, Reading, and Math classes. If you have Miss. Winkler for Math, please check her page for homework. If you have another teacher for Reading, see their website or your child's planner. 

I will be putting up homework on a daily, instead of a weekly, basis as I take into account the pacing needed each day to complete a lesson. 

Math- None.

Reading- Lesson 67, workbook and textbook questions 
-Study spelling words.


Math- Reteaching 2 Worksheet (all)

Reading- Lesson 68, workbook and textbook.
-Study for Spelling Test tomorrow.


Math- Complete Reteaching 13 and 24 Worksheet.

Reading- Lesson 69, workbook and textbook

Math- None. Make sure that all Reteaching work is turned in tomorrow.

Reading- Practice for retest if not passed. 
-Please cover new book. 


Math- Lesson 48, p. 130, #1-13

Reading- Lesson 71 workbook and textbook

Science- Study for the Geology Test 

Upcoming Tests

Spelling Test- Wednesday, 2/12
Science- Geology Test, Tuesday, 2/18