Activity Ideas!

During Our Time At Home, Here Are Some Fitness To-Do's You Could Try!

Movie Fitness: For example! During Frozen 2 every time Elsa uses her magic do 5 Jumping Jacks/Push-ups/Squats. This could even be used for a Harry Potter movie, every time a wand is used you have a squat to do! (Could make it a competition too:))

TV Fitness: During a commercial break you could do Squats/Wall Sits/Wall Push-Ups till your show comes back on!

Go outside and go for a 30 minute Walk/Jog/Run Daily! Any outside play or activity is AMAZING for you! :)

GoNoodle Kids Videos is an Indoor Recess FREE App you can utilize as well!

At Home Circuit: 
K-4th                       5th-8th
15 Jumping Jacks.     50 Jumping Jacks
5 Burpees.                15 Burpees
20 Second Wall Sit.    45 Second Wall Sit
15 Squats                 50 Squats
5 Chair Dips.             15 Chair Dips
10 Sit-Ups.               30 Sit-Ups

Repeat this 3 times with 1 minute rest in-between to keep your heart rate up! 


- Ms. West :)